Free eSIM Data For EU and USA


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Free eSIM Data For EU and USA - If you are traveling to Europe or USA then you can get a free eSIM Data plan only, It does not come with a phone number.

A new company called Firsty, based in Amsterdam, wants to change how people use the internet when traveling. The founders, Gauthier Thierens and Vince Vissers, used to work for a Dutch tech company called Adyen. They made an app called Firsty that gives travelers free internet access, so they can check emails and use messaging apps without paying for data.

How To Get Free eSIM Data?

Here's how it works: You can download the Firsty app and get a free eSIM profile, which lets you access the internet for free in many countries around the world, like Europe and the USA. They plan to add more countries soon. You can also pay a small fee to get faster internet if you need it for things like streaming or video calls.
But there's a limit: You can only use 2 GB of data, and the speed is quite slow. However, in emergencies, it's still handy for sending messages. When you sign up, you get 100 MB of faster internet to start with.

Once you've used up your faster internet, you'll still have access to slower internet for free, but you'll have to watch an ad every hour to keep using it.
This service is mainly useful for traveling abroad, not so much for using the internet at home. And you don't need to give your payment details to sign up, just your phone number or Apple/Google account.

Firsty has received €1.1 million in investments, which isn't a huge amount, but they hope to attract more users and maybe convince people to use their service instead of buying a traditional SIM card when they travel.

Free data (capped speed) for travelers worldwide:

  • Pros: Free data roaming in many countries, convenient eSIM activation, emergency option with free calls/texts possible.
  • Cons: Slow speed (300 Kbps), limited usage after free initial data, requires ad viewing for continued use.
  • Price: Free for basic data, €1.95/day for faster speeds (discounted for longer bookings).
  • Target users: Travelers needing basic data access abroad, emergency communication option.
Overall: Interesting option for basic data needs while traveling, but limited speed and usage might not be ideal for everyone.