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TMZ Sweepstakes Word Of The Day 2024 - Participate in the TMZ Pick Your Destination Sweepstakes Contest 2024 at and stand a chance to win a 1,240,000 Wyndham Rewards points and $8,000 dollar in cash.

How To Enter: Watch “TMZ on TV” and/or “TMZ Live, Sponsor is scheduled to display a word of the day on screen during the show. Once an entrant has obtained the Daily Code Word, in order to enter the Sweepstakes, the entrant will need to visit (“Website”) and follow the instructions to complete the entry form, the entrant must enter his/her email address, state of residence and the applicable word of the day. Once the entrant completes the entry form and submits the Daily Code Word, the participant will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes.

TMZ Sweepstakes Word Of The Day​

Date:TMZ Word Of The Day:
May 6, 2024Wyndham
May 7, 2024Taylor
May 8, 2024Harry
May 9, 2024Olivia
May 10, 2024Vacation
May 13, 2024SYDNEY
May 14, 2024Drake
May 15, 2024Zendaya
May 16, 2024Travis
May 17, 2024Destination
May 20, 2024Charles
May 21, 2024Travel
May 22, 2024Harvey
May 23, 2024Rewards
May 24, 2024Rihanna


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