2023 Ugly Floor Contest: Embrace the Hideousness and Win Big!

Hey there, floor fashion disaster victims! Are you tired of your floor resembling a chaotic art experiment gone wrong? Well, hold on to your mismatched socks because it's time to celebrate the hilariously terrible in Creative Carpet & Flooring's 2023 UGLY FLOOR CONTEST!

Picture this: you finally get to flaunt your flooring catastrophe proudly to the world! Oh yes, it's your moment to shine as a connoisseur of interior design disasters. We want to see those floors that have seen better days and make us laugh till we cry.

But wait, it gets better! Not only do you get to expose your floor's "unique" qualities, but you can also win a mind-boggling FREE FLOOR MAKEOVER worth up to $1000! Creative Carpet & Flooring will sweep away the embarrassment and unveil a jaw-dropping transformation that'll leave your friends green with envy!

Here's how to dive into this madness:
Step 1: Embrace your ugly floor like a fearless warrior about to conquer the design apocalypse!
Step 2: Unleash your inner flooring paparazzi and snap a pic of every hideous detail - no stain should be left undocumented!
Step 3: Head to uglyfloor.creativecarpetinc.com and submit your masterpiece to enter the ultimate battle of the ugly floors! Get ready for some laughs and let your floor's notoriety skyrocket!

Oh, come on! Don't be bashful. Grab your phone's camera and capture that flooring nightmare in all its glory. Tell us the tales of horror behind those mysterious stains and creepy patterns. Let the world know why your floor is the reigning champion of hideousness!

Psst... more votes mean better chances of winning! Call on your entourage of friends, family, and even your nosy neighbors. Bribe them with cookies or pet-sitting favors; let them witness the spectacle and secure those precious votes! This contest is your pathway to flooring redemption!

So, mark your calendars and join the fun at uglyfloor.creativecarpetinc.com starting August 1st, 2023! It's time to give your ugly floor a chance to shine and who knows, maybe it'll be the next viral sensation! Don't miss this shot at a fabulous floor makeover – the makeover your floor never knew it needed!

Just a heads-up: this contest is for residential homes within a 25-mile radius of Mokena, IL, or Highland, IN. The entry period is from noon Central Time on 8/1/2023 to 11:59 am Central Time on 8/31/2023. Public voting will take place from noon Central Time on 8/31/2023 until noon Central Time on 9/8/2023. The entry with the most votes by noon Central Time on 9/8/2023 will be crowned the victor. You can find all the juicy contest terms and conditions HERE.

So, let the ugly floor games begin! It's time to let your floor's freak flag fly high and laugh your way to flooring glory!


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