Forum Message Board Rules

The following are strictly prohibited:
  • Personal attacks; trolling; flaming; and any messages that are knowingly false, deceptive, inaccurate, defamatory, derogatory, abusive, inflammatory, disruptive, insulting, hateful, threatening or otherwise violative of any laws.
  • Obscene, profane, vulgar, or sexually explicit material or links to such material. If it's anything worse than what you might see on late-night network TV (Saturday Night Live for example) it probably should not be posted.
  • Affiliate and referral links through which you can earn any kind of monetary compensation.
  • Advertising and spamming. This includes the sending of unsolicited Private Messages, particularly to multiple members.
  • Personal solicitations. Solicitations for charitable and/or political causes are only permissible with prior approval of the owner or administrator (which is very rare).
  • The taking over or hijacking of threads or sweep notes with off-topic or inappropriate posts.
  • Duplicate, meaningless or nonsensical threads, posts or notes.
  • Abuse of the Report a Post, Chat, Email or Private Message features to purposely annoy or harass another member including the staff.
  • Impersonating or misrepresenting yourself as another person, company or entity.
  • Signing up and registering more than one OLS membership account or username per individual.
  • Sharing access to your membership account (username & password) to give another person access to features or sections of the web site that they would not normally have permission to access.
  • Copying any copyrighted material (including sweepstakes and posts) from and posting or submitting it to another web site, message board or newsletter.
  • Copying any copyrighted material from another web site, message board or newsletter and posting or submitting it to Quoting news articles and other material is generally permissible for discussion purposes under the principle of fair use. Whenever possible, links to sources should be included in your post.
  • Publicly challenging the decisions of the owner, administrators, moderators or editors on the web site. This includes any speculation or discussion about why any notes, posts or threads were removed or edited and why specific members have been banned. Such questions, problems and concerns will only be addressed individually and privately through PMs (private messages) or email, only with the person(s) who are directly involved, and only as long as the person(s) involved conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. Continuing to break rules, further antagonizing the problem(s), making threats or false accusations, or any attempts or acts of any other form of retaliation will result in an immediate and indefinite banishment from the site, and without any notice. Respect and consideration will only be given when it is received.

These rules are not meant to be overly strict and rigid. They are not without some give and take. But we (the owner, administrators, moderators and editors) do reserve the right to take any action we feel is necessary to protect and maintain the well-being of our community, members, staff and web site. We do let our members speak more freely than a lot if not most other message boards and I think most of us like and appreciate that freedom. But just like any other public social situation (bars, restaurants, movie theaters, plays, sporting events), there has to be reasonable boundaries to maintain some semblance of civility.

Intentionally and willfully disturbing the peace, creating problems or otherwise disrupting anybody's peaceful use and enjoyment of must and will have consequences. Honest mistakes aren't normally a problem, we all make mistakes, but malicious intent to cause harm, whether it's directed towards the community, staff, web site or any of its members, will result in an immediate banishment for an indefinite period of time and without notice regardless of where any such activity occurs, on the web site or off. This includes the unauthorized use of content (e.g. sweepstakes and contest listings, posts, notes, etc.). OLS membership accounts may also be revoked without notice in any such cases at the sole discretion of the webmaster and owner of

Although we do attempt to keep objectionable messages off this web site and message board, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither Online Sweepstakes, nor the owner or any of the web site's representatives including administrators, moderators and editors will be held responsible for the content of any message.

We (the owner, administrators, moderators and editors) reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread, post, sweepstakes, contest or any other such message or submission for any reason. Individual forums may have their own rules posted near the top of the forum as a Sticky that are unique to that forum and equally binding.